The First Week

I wanted to write about my kid

But he’s so small

He’d fit in a lady’s  handbag

And that’s not all

You could probably add water

And maybe a laptop too

That handbag could be carried

Without too much ado

But with him comes baggage,

Pram, cribs and bath

And a wardrobe the size

Of Canary bloody Wharf

The heating is going by

Night and by day

As to the stench of the nappies 

I really can’t say

When I lost my sense 

Of smell, it was near

To 5am Sunday,

I was nearly in tears

They say your life changes, and

 you don’t know how much

That bringer of baggage

Your heart he will touch

He’s as cute as can be, while

He sleeps all day long,

And when he’s bawling his lungs out,

He’ll calm with a song

I wanted to write about 

my new kid and me

I guess I have to end 

With a rhyme for free.

Author: dermhurl

dad and boyfriend, musician, writer, teacher, multilingual, fairly sociable

3 thoughts on “The First Week”

  1. Do I take it congratulations are in order – or are you taking literary license? There is nothing that brings more joy than children. They will make you smile, laugh and cry and are just pretty amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No license taken, this is happening in real time. There’s a lot of time where I can only watch and think, which has been good for my writing, but bad for my procrastination habit. I should really be finishing reports for tomorrow at the moment.. :-0

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Enjoy this time – they grow so fast. My two are 8 and nearly 5 now and it only seems like yesterday that they were babies! And congrats again:)


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