Serrano Towers at night

Under the tower

In need of. Shower

Long day saying Mass

Now surrounded. Shards of glass.

Collar undone, black pants grey.

A priest off duty. (Off the rails.)

Former entrance, now bypassed.

The tower’s faded glory lasts.

Flags hang limp, limp creatures there

And tourists climb the outer stair

Its free on Sunday, don’t you know

Last night’s kebabs still strewn below.

For night time revellers – a  spot to play

The tower speaks in shades of grey.


Watching for no one
A lone seagull cries

My eyes, my eyes.
My eyes are drawn skywards 

The gull swoops for fun

And I continue to search for the sun.
Undulating ululating sounds of the shore

The empty strand is never silent

I watch, listen for more
The fast running wavelets knock the sandpipers high

The tiny scavengers flitting to new hunting grounds

Where the tasty buried sandworms abound
Such hunting is a challenge for such tiny birds

One that humans have already faced

But standing alone on this solemn strand

My challenge is to put into words

How nature has all trace of humans erased  

A Wednesday night in Spain

The lone walker on the bridge

Feels the cold shoulder of the breeze

He shuffles further from the edge, 

And muffles an uninvited sneeze.

The city shivers in the pre-spring chill, 

Failing to cope with change in clime.

The winds continue, the traffic still

The night time is the hardest time

A Wild and Gentle Lover

The wind can so often be subtle and sweet

The lover of wind must be light on his feet

He must dance along gaily with its gentle sough

And allow it to caress him from *neck to elbow

It will sigh like an satisfied lover one day

But its energy can never be wasted away

The days will come suddenly where kites it will fly,

And the cord like a garrotte will cause it to cry

It screams among power lines, antennae and vanes

It skirls up the litter and strews it down lanes

The wind has been known to be biting and cruel

The lover of wind is an innocent fool

That fool becomes breathless, excited and scared

Whenever his love’s cutting teeth they are bared

On sea or on land, there are many who say

That the wind is a mistress who will never stay.

For the wind it blows hard, above and beyond;

Of its freedom the wind is most jealously fond

Searching for Salvation

Looking at him, you’d never have guessed he was a high-ranking sales representative with a six-figure salary. You’d never have guessed that he was only forty-six years of age. You’d probably never have guessed that he had never used public transport until a few weeks ago. However, even without any of that information, you might have guessed that he was going to die. Not in the ‘everybody’s-going-to-die-sooner-or-later’ sense, but in the ‘that-guy’s-sick-as-a-small-hospital’ sense. He knew it, too. Only Chin could possibly save him, Sidney reflected.
Sidney watched his reflection in the opposite window, shown sporadically as the trees on either side of the track flicked in and out of view. Each time he was shocked by what he saw. Somehow each week it was worse, despite Chin’s insistence to the contrary. The distance from his village platform to the city suburbs was next to nothing, five minutes of steadily increasing passenger numbers before taking a dive underground and becoming a crowded nightmare. Thrust into this routine unwillingly at middle age, he was still getting used to his new station in life.
Today, he saw, the scarf his wife had bought him seemed to magnify his yellowed eyes – it was the colour, not of death, but of stained hospital sheets. The fluorescent lights in the carriage were unforgiving. Out in the open, with the daylight outside, you’d barely notice them but underground the change was significant. People became reflected in unflattering ways in the smudged windows. Sidney had felt that his thick-rimmed glasses gifted him with gravitas and created a positive impression with clients. That feeling was gone. The metro, great leveller that it is, had caricatured him, accentuating the round, scarred face, sagging jowls and jaundiced eyes hiding behind the ridiculous glasses. It wasn’t that he felt old. He’d felt old since he was twenty-five. It was the compound fact that, to add to this, now he actually was Old. He finally looked how he felt. Was this Chin’s doing? Did he have some sort of magical Oriental psychic powers? That wasn’t the impression he gave. In the last few weeks, Sidney had yet to see anything deeper to him than his profession. And even that, he treated with a healthy dose of Western cynicism. Which was partly why Sidney continued coming. Chin had become like an old friend.
Breathing deeply, and with difficulty, he grasped the bar and hauled himself to his feet. The metro slid to a halt. One good thing about the trip; the trains always stopped in the same place. He counted his steps to the escalator, waited for the right moment and then planted his feet firmly on the same step, holding tightly to the handrail as he swayed slowly with the motion. He could easily spend an hour riding upwards on an escalator, he thought. He closed his eyes and counted the seconds, stepping off at exactly the right moment. “At least my memory is still intact”, he thought. Looking around the empty station, with its many entrances, he shivered and wound his scarf more closely around his face. He’d been feeling the cold recently. More than usual. That was something he could ask Chin about. Chin might smile. Sidney felt a great relief when Chin smiled. He was almost there, just one more escalator. He looked up at the bright light framed in the portal and whispered “I’m coming, Chin.”

A rare breed

A rare breed?

You could say that, I guess

but that doesn’t really express

my need.

My need for love?

Certainly, friend.

But Love has an end

unlike the stars above.

And I know you’ll say

that’s not quite true,

the stars fall through

although not today.

My need is silence

an empty room

a mother’s womb


If love is blind,

and I am not

My love will rot

If I stay behind

So leave me here,

in my darkest hour

I have no power

for you to fear.